14 December 2010

12/14 New Job Career and CPNS 2010

    New Job Career and CPNS 2010    
Lowongan Kerja Bank BNI 2011
December 14, 2010 at 3:05 PM
Initially referred to by its unabbreviated name of Bank Negara Indonesia when it was established in 1946, BNI is the first bank formed and owned by the Indonesian Government.

Historical records indicate that on of the eve of the 30th of October 1946, or merely a few months after its formal establishment, the Bank distributed the first currency bills ever issued by Indonesia's Government popularly known at the time as ORI, or 'Oeang Republik Indonesia' (Currency of the Republic of Indonesia). In fact, this day is commemorated annually as the National Finance Day while the date of the Bank's establishment - the 5th of July - was designated as National Bank Day.

Bank Negara Indonesia's role as the circulation and central bank was duly terminated in 1949 following the government's appointment of the former Dutch-controlled bank, De Javasche Bank, as Indonesia's Central Bank . The Bank, subsequently designated as a development bank, was later granted the rights to provide foreign reserve services that allowed it access to direct foreign transactions.

Enhanced by increased capitalization, the Bank's legal status was formally changed to that of a state-owned commercial Bank in 1995. This provided the Bank with the foundation to provide better and wider range of both access and services for the country's business sectors.

In its quest to competitively differentiate itself from its competitors, the Bank decided, towards the end of 1968, to attach its year of establishment to its corporate name to become Bank Negara Indonesia 1946. The Bank was therefore popularly referred to, for decades, as 'BNI 46'. The simpler name of 'Bank BNI' was adopted in 1988 along with the change of the corporate identity.

BNI's legal status was upgraded in 1992 to that of a state-owned limited corporation under the name of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) and the bank decided to become a public company through its initial public offering of its shares in 1996.

BNI's ability to adapt to environmental, socio-cultural and technological advances is reflected through the continuous refinement of its corporate identity which is carried out to suit the changing demands and trends of the times. This adaptability signifies the Bank's dedication and commitment towards continuous improvement of its performance.

A refined corporate identity was introduced in 2004 that reflects the positive prospects for the future after a year of struggle characterized by a period of hardship. A shorter name of 'BNI' subsequently replaced the former 'Bank BNI', while the year of its establishment - '46' - was exposed through the logomark to reinforce the pride and distinction that the Bank had in being the country's first national bank.

In keeping with the spirit of the heroic national struggle that is rooted in its history, BNI strives to provide the best services for the country and to ultimately become the Pride of the Nation, today and always.

Now we are opening position, lets join and grow with us:

Client Segmentation (Internal Consultant-Banking Operation)
Position Requirements
  • Experienced in market research, data modeling and analysis of the customer.
  • Experience in banking industry (business strategies and segment management)
  • Have the ability to develop CRM
  • Have the ability to develop customer segmentation and value proposition
  • Have the ability to develop the Target Customer Experience
  • Understand the customer centric vision
Position Responsibilities
  • To monitor team activity to ensure the project goes according to plan, timeframe and existing provisions.
  • Ensuring all project team followed the quality assurance process, including periodic reviews and reviews of transitional.
  • Review program periodically and provide advisory nature Strat.
Prototype Branch Rejuvenation Program (Internal Consultant)
Position Requirements
  • Understanding and experience in branch operations (business and service) and its best practisenya.
  • Ability to develop the Implementation Plan
  • Have the ability to Sales Management and Opportunity Management is good.
Position Responsibilities
  • To monitor team activity to ensure the project goes according to plan, timeframe and existing provisions.
  • Ensuring all project team followed the quality assurance process, including periodic reviews and reviews of transitional.
  • Review program periodically and provide advisory nature Strat.
Quality Assurance (Internal Consultant-Banking Operation)
Position Requirements
  • Have experience reviewing project quality
  • Have experience of reviews / audits
  • Have knowledge of IT
  • Understand the customer centric vision
  • Have a good Quality Management skills
Position Responsibilities
  • To monitor team activity to ensure the project goes according to plan, timeframe and existing provisions.
  • Ensuring all project team followed the quality assurance process, including periodic reviews and reviews of transitional.
  • Review program periodically and provide advisory nature Strat.
Interested candidates please follow the link below to apply
Apply Online

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Recruitment PT Tigaraksa Satria
December 14, 2010 at 3:03 PM
At Tigaraksa Satria, delivering success is what our business is all about. As the leading consumer products distribution company, we provide only the best of our value sales and distribution services. Look to Tigaraksa Satria for quality products, reliable distribution, knowledgeable people and innovative ideas. Tigaraksa Satria has the organization and systems to help our customers.

Sales and distribution of FMCG, as previously understood does not justify the activities currently undertaken by the "field operatives" (a more suitable name than "salesman"). Today, developing and training field operatives who are first and foremost competent and responsible for knowing the market and its customer, is a strength built through years of experience Knowing the customer entails knowing the needs and requirements; and understanding the best means of communication with the customer. Expertise and success in the sales and distribution business are a result of utilizing the information effectively to develop and build lasting customer relationships. Enhancing the relationship continuously through innovative means is a key to growing long-term interdependence. As the customer process for FMCG has evolved from being a functional sales activity - pushing the products in the outlets - to an integrated value chain, that consists of several functional processes; starting from:

1. development of products according to the needs and requirements of the end-users,
2. products availability in the outlets,
3. above the line promotion,
4. trade marketing and product promotion, and
5. the customer acquisition or retention process - the purchase or repurchase of the products.

In order to further meet a very wide, diversified and continuously changing market environment, FMCG business has developed a flexible Rolling Sales Forecast replacing the conventional forecasting/budgeting system. Intensifying existing actions or introducing new action to cater customer's demand can be taken very fast and are for a great part empowered to the field operators. A tolerance factor quotient in the Rolling Forecast provides for continuous improvement in accuracy.
Factors that influence the forecast are:

* Sales trend of the past three months
* Market development in general according AC Nielsen (if available)
* Advertising activities
* Trade marketing activities
* Competitors' activities
* Other factors such as a sudden drop in supply due to force majeure

Activities, which are decisive for the Rolling Sales Forecast, are all market-driven and are based on the feedback information received from the field representatives. By integrating and aligning activities and forecast based on the market needs, requirements and communication demands, effectiveness and efficiency as well as time factor can be achieved.

Now we are looking for candidates who desire to grow with us as :


Qualification :

  • Male, Hold a bachelor degree, with GPA at least 3.00 (out of 4.00)
  • Max 25 years old.
  • Computer literate (Microsoft Office)
  • Willing to be placed in all branch (Java & Sumatera)
  • Highly motivated, customer service orientation, interpersonal relationship, eager to learn, and innovative

  • Male, Max 30 years old
  • Diploma /Bachelor degree majoring Information Technology/Management, Computer Science, with GPA at least 3.00 (out of 4.00)
  • 2 (two) years experiences as IT Programmer, fresh graduate encourage to apply
  • Good knowledge of Networking System (Windows NT, Linux Server), Web Base, Multi User Programming for Foxpro Visual, PHP, SQL, Crystal Report, Visual Basic, and Code Ignitor (CI)
  • Understand Desktop Application, Hardware, Software and Data Communication
  • Able to work independently as well as in a team
  • Ready to join soon

  • Male, Max 30 years old
  • Diploma /Bachelor degree majoring Machine/Industrial/Electrical with GPA at least 2.75 (out of 4.00)
  • Specialization in Product Design
  • Familiar with software auto cad, graphis design (corel draw, adobe photoshop)
  • Understand trouble shooting, numerical control and micro computer
  • Able to work independently as well as in a team
  • Ready to join soon

  • Male, Max 30 years old
  • Diploma /Bachelor degree majoring Statistic/Mathematic with GPA at least 3.00 (out of 4.00)
  • Familiar with SPSS, MiniTab, dan MS Office (Word, Excel)
  • Experience in data analyst/statistic consultant /quantitative research is preferred, but fresh graduate encourage to apply
  • Capable to create research tools
  • Can work under minimum supervision
  • Proactive, initiative, good communication skill
  • Ready to join soon
If you meet the above qualifications, please send your complete CV with the position code at the top left side of the envelope and send to :
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Recruitment Trans7 Television 2011
December 14, 2010 at 3:03 PM
TRANS7 with a commitment to present the impression of information and entertainment, decorate the glass screen in the living room audience of Indonesia. Starting from the strategic partnership between the Group and the Group of Kompas Gramedia (KKG) on August 4, 2006, TRANS7 born as a private station that presents the impressions which give priority to intelligence, acuity, full of warmth and personality of active entertainment.

TRANS7 which was originally called TV7 standing with the permission of the Department of Trade and Industry, Central Jakarta with Number 809/BH.09.05/III/2000. On March 22, 2000, the existence of TV7 was published in State Gazette No. 8687 as PT. Duta Visual Nusantara Tivi Seven. With the strategic partnership between the Group and KKG, TV7 re-launched on December 15, 2006 as TRANS7 and set that date as the birthday TRANS7. Under the auspices of PT Trans Corpora that are part of the management of the Group, TRANS7 expected to become an advanced television, with programs in-house productions that are informative, creative, and innovative

Logo TRANS7 four sides of rectangular shape which reflects decisiveness, strong character and personality are familiar earthy and adaptable. Blue symbolizes the warm but strong shining beauty of the sapphire is timeless, and placing it in a respectable position among other diamond stones. The combination of slick and easy name to remember, is expected to bring TRANS7 into Indonesian society and loyal audience.

Trans7 (formerly known as TV7) is an Indonesian commercial television station based in Central Jakarta. It is jointly owned by the Gramedia Group and Trans TV. It began broadcasting on 15 December 2001. On 15 December 2006, the official name became Trans 7 from TV 7 due to its half ownership by Trans Corp, a company that also owned Trans TV. Trans7, a Trans Corp Company is currently seeking competent candidates for the following positions:

Senior Wardrobe & Make Up (WM)
  • Min D3 degree preferably in fashion and Make up
  • Min 3 years experience as Wardrobe and Make up in TV Station or Production House
  • Have good ability in costume design & modification
Building Engineering Section Head (BE)
  • Bachelor Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, preferably graduated from reputable university
  • Min 3 years experience in organizing and facilitating building support system to achieve efficient building maintenance and operation
  • Have good understanding of operating, maintaining and repairing of industrial equipment and machinery
Organizational Development (OD)
  • Master Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, preferably graduated from reputable university
  • Have good knowledge of organizational development
  • Good analytical thinking, interpersonal and communication skill
Account Executive (AE)
  • Bachelor degree from any major, preferably from Marketing and Business
  • Excellent communication skill and good looking
  • Highly motivated person to achieve target
Please send your application letter and CV to:

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Recruitment Bank Exim Indonesia
December 14, 2010 at 2:59 PM
Indonesia Eximbank is a special institution (sui generis) which is not adhere to the laws and regulations on banking, State Owned Enterprise, financing institution or financing company, and insurance business.

The role of Indonesia Eximbank is to support national export programs through National Export Financing.

The scope of work of the Indonesia Eximbank in facilitating National Export Financing extends from financing to guarantee and insurance. Indonesia Eximbank can provide its National Export Financing under the frameworks of both conventional financing or sharia-based financing.

As a Government agent, Indonesia Eximbank is charged with the responsibility to counseling and consultation services to Banks, Financial Institutions, Exporters, export goods producers, especially micro-scale, small-scale, medium-scale enterprises and cooperatives.

If you're challenged to join our Institution who believes in the future best opportunities, simply complete the following application form. We will review your resume and if you meet the requirements, we will surely invite you to attend our selection process.

Please find our recrutment at Bexi Vacancies at Bexi Vacancies
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Payday Loans Online
December 14, 2010 at 2:46 PM
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