03 December 2009

Lowongan Kedutaan Besar Jepang Desember 2009.

02 desember - 14 Desember 2009

Indonesia and Japan, on the basis of cooperation and deepen the mutually complementary economic relations which the political, economic, and cultural-like and has a good relationship in the fields. GNP is the largest in ASEAN, Indonesia is rich with natural land in 1000 are you doing active activities more than Japanese companies. The number is more than 11,000 residents Kunihito name. 2006 joint statement the two leaders agreed was "a strategic partnership toward peace and prosperous future" and soon we expected entry into force of Economic Partnership Agreement is intended to further develop bilateral cooperation. In this way, it's a great honor as ambassador to Indonesia arrived very important honor our country. People in areas like the future, while the importance of ties between people, as Ambassador of Japan dependable and reliable, Japan intends to continue to strive to further strengthen relations inIndonesia.

A related development, the establishment of diplomatic relations this year from Japan and Indonesia hit 50 year milestone anniversary of "Japan-Indonesia Friendship Year" is. Obtained with the presence of the Prince and Princess Akishino your President and Mrs. Yudhoyono, and one was conducted in January, "Japan-Indonesia Friendship Year", including the opening ceremony, everyone of the two countries Japan, Indonesia, related organizations, the cooperation of everyone in your company obtained, and events related to the implementation of many years of friendship. Japan andIndonesia , which has a lot in common and respect the culture and attitude of friendly people, through projects such as Friendship Year, and we intend to further efforts to deepen understanding of each other's cultures . Year on the occasion of friendship, mutual understanding at the national level for further expansion across generations through cultural exchanges in diverse areas, and hopes to deepen.

February 2010 as follows: 1 Do the recruitment of local security personnel will be employed from the date.
1. Job Description
Police work at the Embassy of Indonesia Japan Korea (and around the hotel security guard) by the
(24-hour work shift).

2. Be adopted by 1

3. Qualifications
(1) Male
(2) More than high school graduates under the age of 35 Indonesian
(3) As security guards in the past that have one or more years of working experience

4. How to Apply
(1) Deadline: December 14, 2009 (Monday) must be received before
(2) Mailing Address:
Embassy of Japan
JI. M. H. Thamrin No. 24, Jakarta 10350
(3) The left edge of the envelope,SEC/DES-09Please fill out the.。

5. Application Documents
(1) One copy resume (available in Indonesian)
(2) 1 photo (4 × 6 cm)
(3) Copy of proof of working experience as a security guard and former employer of one single issue

6. Selection Process
Screening is the first screening (document screening) and second examination (interview) do.
The selection results for the first screening, December 17 (Thu) to notify the person to pass around for the second screening, January 4, 2010 (Monday) following the second screening exam until around notification to all parties.

Japanese version:

1. 職務内容

2. 採用予定者

3. 応募資格
(1) 男性
(2) 高等学校以上を卒業した35歳以下のインドネシア人
(3) 過去に警備員として1年以上の勤務経歴を有すること

4. 応募方法
(1) 締切 : 2009年12月14日(月)までに必着
(2) 郵送先:
Embassy of Japan
JI. M.H. Thamrin No. 24, Jakarta 10350
(3) 封筒の左端に、SEC/DES-09と記入してください。。

5. 申込書類
(1) 履歴書1通(インドネシア語で可)
(2) 写真1枚 (4×6 cm)
(3) 元勤務先等発行の警備員としての勤務経歴を証明する書類の写し 1枚

6. 選考方法