06 January 2009

Career Opportunities: Tele Marketing januari 2009

INK Design Consultant

Career Opportunities

INK is a boutique Design Consultant, established to achieve a high dedication in assisting, facilitating and collaborating with client to fulfil the client’s design ‘needs’.

We consider ourself not only as a design firm, but more as a visual solution to our clients. We believe the word ‘visual’ provide a wider scope of design field when we collaborate with our clients to find a good solution in their visual communication and promotional needs.

Our services range from:

# Brand / Visual Identity
# Print Publications
# Digital Publications
# Promotional Items
# Environmental Design
# Photography
# Product Design
# Design Consultation

As a Design Consultant, INK is a one-stop destination where we can provide various services for our clients.

As a boutique company, we can devote individual attention to each one of our clients. We also have a strong control with the design process from the development until production stage, to ensure that the client’s need and expectation are always met.

We are looking for :

Tele Marketing


* Age < style="font-weight: bold;">Closing Date: 22-Jan-09